British Society of Neuro-Otology


About the BSNO

BSNO aims to provide a forum for informal discussion and the opportunity to present research in related topics of neuro-otology, balance disorders and vestibular science.

Meetings attract all those engaged in clinical or scientific research in neuro-otology including, but not limited to, audiological physicians; ENT surgeons; neurologists; physicists and psychologists.

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The inaugural meeting of the British Society of Neuro-Otology (BSNO) took place in June 2001 at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London. Meetings were annual until 2005, after which the decision was taken to hold meetings bi-annually.

Meet the BSNO committee
BSNO is led by an independent committee of interested colleagues working in related fields, e.g. neurology, otology, ENT and vestibular science.

BSNO 2021
Join us at our next meeting November 2021.

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